Body Zero Teaching

Mairi and I are very grateful to regularly receive encouraging testimonies from all over the world, both about the Body Zero book that you can buy below and the associated teaching content via the Body Zero vlog series in this blog post.

Please consider sharing these resources to your networks and donating here to help us produce more content.

All ten vlogs (one for each chapter) are completely free to watch, below.



VLOG 1 – Body Zero

VLOG 2 – Radical Messianic Eschatology

VLOG 3 – Divine Pathos

VLOG 4 – Cut

VLOG 5 – Dissolution

VLOG 6 – Habitat Loss


VLOG 8 – Invisible

VLOG 9 – Eyes to the Skies

VLOG 10 – Jesus Come

“Buy Body Zero – Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ” here

Read a review of Body Zero by Prophecy Today UK here.

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Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

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