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Masquerading Messengers of Light


In Matthew chapter 10, we read Jesus sending out His sheepish yet hard-core company of followers into a dangerous world with the gospel and an express set of instructions that are particularly interesting – particularly interesting because He usually didn’t prescribe formulas for miracles. There was no Visa, no North Face apparel, no weekending bag picked up for a snip at T K Max – just the gospel and a heart and mouth of Spirit-drenched faith.

Fledgling in their spiritual authority, Jesus told them to speak to the houses that they entered (v12), monitor the activity of their peace (v13), find the places that were deserving of their presence and to shake the dust from their feet in protest against the places that weren’t (v14). [Related reading: The Places We Call Home]

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Look at the Lamb (Day 13)

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Day 13 – Nick

Summary of Chapter 13

Verses 1-17: If you needed any convincing of the importance of the dinner table, (aside from all heart-warming Bisto adverts), just flick back and re-read chapter 12 and then this one, or read Acts and note the centrality of food within a sharing community of prayer – it’s all about the dinner table! But this is no ordinary dinner table; it’s the dinner table for the Last Supper, the last, that is, until we share at the marriage supper of the Lamb when we’ll get to drink the new wine of the new heavens and the new earth in the new City of Jerusalem! (see Rev.19:9). (more…)

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Look at the Lamb (Day 8)

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Day 8 – Nick

n.b. Arguably the most inflammatory and offensive Jesus-passage in the entire bible

Summary of Chapter 8

Verses 1-11: In your bible you’ll notice the last/first section of John 7/8 is italicised because the 7:53-8:11 passage wasn’t originally included in the earliest manuscripts though it was still in the original Canon. Suffice to say for the benefits of this on-line study, the passage in question is wholly consistent with the rest of John’s gospel and the wider New Testament writings but it does open up an interesting conversation, if you’re that way inclined, over the Sunday dinner table! Further interesting study could be pursued around pseudepigrapha and the apocrypha by starting here. (more…)


Man On

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Have you ever been lied to? Has someone ever tried to deliberately mislead you? Or have you ever bought something and afterwards have had that horrible feeling that you’ve been ripped off? Maybe at a car garage when your car needed an MOT/service? Or when you were getting a quote for work on the house? Or when your Landlord wouldn’t give you all your deposit back? I’m sure you have.

Thankfully, most people are decent and aren’t out to lie, deceive and cheat.

But “the primary strategy of the devil is to deceive us. He is primarily a deceiver…” as John Piper says in a recent blog article from Desiring God. I’d encourage you to read it because it got me thinking about the questions, above, about our life under God. (more…)