Man On

Have you ever been lied to? Has someone ever tried to deliberately mislead you? Or have you ever bought something and afterwards have had that horrible feeling that you’ve been ripped off? Maybe at a car garage when your car needed an MOT/service? Or when you were getting a quote for work on the house? Or when your Landlord wouldn’t give you all your deposit back? I’m sure you have.

Thankfully, most people are decent and aren’t out to lie, deceive and cheat.

But “the primary strategy of the devil is to deceive us. He is primarily a deceiver…” as John Piper says in a recent blog article from Desiring God. I’d encourage you to read it because it got me thinking about the questions, above, about our life under God.

It’s a horrible feeling when you’ve been lied to, ripped off or led astray; we’d feel justifiably angry or definitely upset by that type of behaviour towards us. Yet we tend to put up with it all the time from the devil, most of the time without even noticing – we become accustomed to being deceived, frankly, like donkeys!

Revelation 12:9 says that Satan is the deceiver of the whole world’; John 8:44 says that when Satan lies he ‘speaks out of his own nature’; 2 Corinthians 11:14 says that Satan ‘disguises‘ himself as something he’s not; Ephesians 6:11 says that Satan has ‘schemes’ against us; Revelation 20:3 says that Satan even deceives  entire Nations.

Man On

As a footballer, you can be ‘on the ball’ (have possession of the ball) and not notice that a player on the opposite team is approaching you from behind to tackle and dispossess you. When this happens the rest of your team will normally instinctively respond by shouting out the warning “Man on!”. This lets the player with the ball know that the opponent is approaching and he can then either pass the ball or take evasive action with some awesome skills (that’s normally what I would do).

This is a great metaphor to shows us how we can combat Satan’s daily plans against our Christian life: Guys, we are destined to ambush Satan not live a life constantly being hijacked and ripped off  by him; we have been given the indwelling Spirit of God and the living Word of God to tear down everything of the devil that sets itself (proudly) against the knowledge of God, (2 Cor.10:5).

Primarily Singers

If the devil is primarily a deceiver then we are primarily worshippers…specifically, singers.

I think one of the best ways we have of screaming out “Man on!” to ourselves, others and the devil directly, is in song. Sing and watch Satan flee.

There are a cloud of witnesses that would shout at us “Man on!”, there can be friends and family around us who will shout “Man on!” but there is a Saviour living in us who will roar “Man on!” if we would tune in.

I’ve found it very helpful to be reminded that the devil is trying to constantly deceive me…to rip me off, charge me way over the top, lead me in a wrong direction. This means that there is constantly a better way.

Hope this is helpful!

For further reading, check this out: ambushing Satan with song.

p.s. the featured image has nothing to do with this article. I just really like it!



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