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18 Inches Under Your Nose

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The Moon and the Stars

Can you remember the last time you were lying on your back outisde at night, looking up at the stars thinking about how very small you were and how vast and intimidating space was?

Looking up to the moon in the sky or the sun in the clouds or the endless extremities of star-filled galaxies will, for most of us, inspire a heightened sense of awe that will lead us to questions about who we are and what’s out there and is there any order or point of it all?

The problem is, most of us don’t recreate like this enough and when we do, quickly forget what we’ve been reminded of:

We’re tiny; we’re also fantastic.

So, instead of looking up to the realtive inanimation of the sky, why not look eighteen inches under your nose and think about the miracle that you carry around with you inside your chest every single day: the human heart. (more…)

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Divine Mitosis


When the Bible shows us Jesus praying, it’s a big deal. When the Bible gives us a whole chapter of Jesus praying, this is an even bigger deal.

I think we all struggle with prayer to some extent and at different points in our lives. Feelings can rise up in us like: “But I’d really rather watch the football…or I’d rather chill out at the movies or watch x-factor…or have an hour more in bed.” (more…)