18 Inches Under Your Nose

The Moon and the Stars

Can you remember the last time you were lying on your back outisde at night, looking up at the stars thinking about how very small you were and how vast and intimidating space was?

Looking up to the moon in the sky or the sun in the clouds or the endless extremities of star-filled galaxies will, for most of us, inspire a heightened sense of awe that will lead us to questions about who we are and what’s out there and is there any order or point of it all?

The problem is, most of us don’t recreate like this enough and when we do, quickly forget what we’ve been reminded of:

We’re tiny; we’re also fantastic.

So, instead of looking up to the realtive inanimation of the sky, why not look eighteen inches under your nose and think about the miracle that you carry around with you inside your chest every single day: the human heart.



As someone who has worked extensively within cardiac care, I guess I’ve had a greater-than-normal exposure to the medical world as it relates to the human heart: I’ve peered over the shoulder of Surgeons, four hours, performing cardiac bypass surgery on the human heart as it sits exposed in an open chest; I’ve worked with hundreds of cardiac patients recovering from surgery or heart disease; I’ve helped hundreds more recover into fuller health through complex pysical examination and prescription.

It responds precisely to a myriad of physical stresses, emotional pains and the turbulence of a life-time of human exhilliration, working perfectly in your tiny, homeostatic world

Within all of these cases, the one thing about the human heart than mesmerises me the most is that it beats all on its own – that’s what the word myogenic means – rather than having an external nerve impusle. The human heart, your cardiac muscle sending oxygenated blood to all parts of your body, begins beating, all on its own, from approximatey the 20th day of your conception…and it doesn’t stop beating until the day you die!

If you then think about the complexity of the heart muscle itself, including its different chambers, valves and vessels, its precise timings and pressures, the way it responds automatically to the needs of your body and the seasons of life, every single day…it is simply mind-blowing.

Think About It

Your heart is sitting eighteen inches under you nose. It goes to bed with you and does its thing through the night. It’s still ticking away every morning when you get up. It goes to work with you, to the gym and into the shower afterwards. It responds precisely to a myriad  of physical stresses, emotional pains and the turbulence of a life-time of human exhilliration, working perfectly in your tiny, homeostatic world.

It has been doing this from the 20th day of your conception.

Surely this is masterpice of a Creator God as in Psalm 139?

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.

Tell me, how can something as staggering as this have come about from nothing?

How can this have come about from evolution?

How can this not bring us to our knees and to our Saviour?




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