Divine Mitosis

When the Bible shows us Jesus praying, it’s a big deal. When the Bible gives us a whole chapter of Jesus praying, this is an even bigger deal.

I think we all struggle with prayer to some extent and at different points in our lives. Feelings can rise up in us like: “But I’d really rather watch the football…or I’d rather chill out at the movies or watch x-factor…or have an hour more in bed.”

At the root of this is the issue of our desire to pray. Are we fulfilling some kind of obligation because we know it’s good for us much like going to the gym or eating brussel sprouts?

One verse in the Bible that is really helpful with this is where Jesus asks the Father that we would be granted the love in our hearts for Him that Abba has in His heart for Jesus. JOHN SEVENTEEN VERSE TWENTY SIX.

This is one of the most stunning thoughts of the Bible. It shows that Jesus really wants us to love Him and enjoy relating to Him (THIS IS PRAYER) and that it is possible for prayer to become for us a pleasure, not like going to the gym or eating vegetables, but like eating a Christmas dinner or enjoying a vintage glass of red wine. David said ‘My soul will be satisfied as with the richest of foods” (Psalm 63:5).

As cells reproduce kind for kind (via Mitosis) organs grow, skin is reproduced and red blood cells are born. The significance of mitosis is that each cell formed receives chromosomes that are exact in composition and equal in number to the chromosomes of the parent cell.

Divine Mitosis is what Jesus saw as He knelt and prayed as John listened in. Jesus saw a future Bride upon the earth, His people, who loved Him with the SAME all-consuming love that the Father has for Him.

Imagine that picture above as a spiritual picture of your heart becoming the heart of God and your prayer becoming Jesus’ prayer.

© Nick Franks, 2011

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4 thoughts on “Divine Mitosis

  1. Love it! What I also Love about prayer is the listening bit, God is amazing he places things on your heart, words, scriptures and pictures that really bless you or are given to bless others, it’s the out pouring of John 17v26 Jesus’ spirit, the spirit of the living God is inside of us! The same spirit unifying the church with the power to bless. Wow, I can’t wait to see what God does next.

    1. Yes I do. but I’ve only written in it once so far University exams and Christmas took over. They’ve just finished and it’s wonderful, time to free think again, sit in his presence and see what the holy spirit wants to down load next! I’m sure I’ll write in it again soon.


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