The Peace and Might of Gideon

Imagine you’re sitting at home with your nearest and dearest, around a fire, eating some food, watching a movie. You’re trying to make the most of those few weirdly glorious days in between Christmas and New Year when everyone loses touch with the day of the week and the time of the day. What dayContinue reading “The Peace and Might of Gideon”

Fiesta Leather Seat FIFA Furniture (part 1)

You love playing Fifa with the lads and find very few things more relaxing and enjoyable than chilling out with a beer, a pizza and some FIFA banter? Join the club! Take the next step and make your own personal home FIFA chairs with a set of signature leather seats for friends and family. Enjoy…

Crocodile Tears

I had a profound moment recently with my good friend Pansaonic Viera while chilling out at the end of a long day. (He is a quality guy but can impose himself too much at times so Mairi and I need to get the backgammon or Uno set out). Anyway… Channel-hopping as I was, up cameContinue reading “Crocodile Tears”

Football and the Warrior Instinct (via @desiringgod)

Having a Christmas break from the normal run-of-the-mill must also involve one from writing (for me). But this blog article below is an encouraging read if you love God and sport and especially if you have little sons to pass a whole bunch of things on to. I thought you might enjoy this:-