People are dying & going to hell…

Over the course of the last few years, I’ve found myself repenting from my chronic unwillingness to share the gospel of Jesus Christ on a daily basis. Much of the scaffolding of life has surrounded my de-conditioned heart so as to insulate it from feeling the sting of my fundamental disobedience and fear of man.

For Christian leaders especially, (though certainly not exclusively), the liberal and indiscriminate sowing of eternal seed via the bold proclamation of the gospel can so easily be choked by the routine drudgery of ‘important’ things.

But, really, what is more important than making disciples — of holding out a lifebuoy for the floundering, breathing a breath of air for the drowning, attacking the wildfire for the burning, imparting a calming shalom for the grieving?

People are dying and going to hell

All Christians are called to glorify God above all things and, hence, we must all daily share the news that is indescribably good. People are dying and going to hell and often a few butterflies in the stomach are enough to paralyse us into silence, all the while traipsing along to have our ‘Sunday fill’.

No. God is tilling the soil of the landscape of the Church. He is disrupting every rotten root and nurturing every vital root that is truly in Him. Therefore, every Christian that is sensitive to His Spirit will also be experiencing this kind of tilling.

We must repent, we must yearn and we must daily tell.

Watch the brief video below and share to your networks if you’d be willing. Also, you can buy our sharp gospel resources here.

Repent Now; He Loves you.

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