We Must Resist Spirituality

How easily has it been that counterfeit love has paraded through our corporate lives? The humdrum of human sentimentality tarted up to appear loving, but betrayed by the shallowness of its inane protestations? The banality of religious chit-chat, the mesmerising allure of false spirituality – who wants these things, really?

No. We must resist spirituality.

Love is defined by Jesus Christ alone; Yahweh alone is Love.

Personifying perfectly the precise definition and sum-total of what love means, what love can be expected to look like, sound like and demand, Love Himself is continuously smashing false concept and corrupt notion: whether liberal humanism, cultural Marxism, or counterfeit Christianity – whatever.

When love essentially means to us, “we must not intelligently examine or else we flounder hatefully as did the Pharisees” and “be careful, dear one, that in wielding zeal you do not become as the unloving Law of old”, we have gorged firmly on the bait of Satan, rendered replete by mere imitation.

No. We must resist spirituality.

Though the ancient serpent (and those he deceives) would want us to believe so, Love is not proven false by identifying and locating and describing theological morasses, but, rather, demonstrated true by the violent pursuit of that which He has promised: our being led into all truth. (John 16:13).

It is not possible for all expressions of what is currently understood to be “christian” to be legitimate; God is not confused; truth is not contradictory.

No. We must resist spirituality.

The Holy Spirit would not be holy were He not to be true and true to the uttermost. He is the origin and the terminus; He is not a spectrum, (at least not our counterfeit spectrum, spawned and normalised by Satan).

In a day an age such as ours, (perhaps especially so), Love Himself continues to lead His beloved into ‘all truth’. This is a leadership that requires the separation of truth from error, the eternal from the created, the hunger of sheep from the bleating of goats.

No. We must resist spirituality.

“Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.”

James 4:7

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4 thoughts on “We Must Resist Spirituality

  1. God was, is a spirit when He created the heavens and the earth, everything about the church/the word is spirit. Those of us who are reborn, spirit filled are fully equipped, connected to our Daddy in heaven. We have Jesus in us, we are living in heavenly places, we have power, we have so much to learn about the spirit. Let your Kingdom come, let your will be done on earth as it is in heaven, there is more
    Just to fully submit to the Holy Spirit, to do, say only what He says, to believe fully, dig deep, even deeper. Have we fully realised who we are, God is in us! I say this in humility, excitement, we are plugged into the biggest power you can ever imagine, wisdom that is beyond anything that can remotely be wise on this earth, I say again God is in us, we are not wimps, or worms, we listen to everything He says, we must sharpen our ears and eyes, then speak, He needs us to listen deeply. I encourage you both, God is in you, tap fully into that, shut out the noise, negative things that happen around you, things being said, done, they are nothing compared to what is true. When you pray remember Jesus is in you already, you don’t have to ask Him to come, you pray outward through the Jesus in you, putting aside the flesh, be bold from that place, imagine a string going from your spirit to God who sits on His throne, that’s what we are taped into, fully connected if we submit. Yes there is a controlling spirit upon this Nation, in the churches, don’t spend energy or time on worrying, strengthen your spirit first, amazing things will be shown to you both, we can live here on earth as it is in heaven, believe it
    God is with you both
    In Christ

    1. Thanks, Linda…and especially for your prayers. Forgive me because I won’t reply to everything you’ve written, but, suffice to say, whenever we write or communicate anything boldly (like this blog) we try to keep firmly in mind the general state of play in the Church for everyone, rather than merely how we are in the mix personally.

      We believe that heaven will be incomparably greater than anything we will ever possibly know here on Earth.

      “For I consider that the sufferings of this present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.”

      — Paul from prison just before being beheaded (Romans 8:18)

      Nick Franks

      1. I apologise, it was coming from a genuine heart, but of course I forget you don’t know me. I get excited about the things the Lord has shown me in the spirit.
        I will only talk about the things you write in the future
        In Christ

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