Jezebel Banks on the Irrational

Jezebel was the daughter of Ethbaal, (the king of the Sidonians [Lebanon]), and despicable wife and Queen of Ahab, King of Israel, who reigned about 900 years before Christ.

Ahab was exceptionally wicked in the sight of the LORD (1 Kings 16:30,33) a worshipper of Baal and pathetic puppet allowing Jezebel to direct all religious policies in Israel. (1 Kings 16-19).

What was Jezebel’s specific agenda? Ultimately, to silence the voice of the LORD by killing the prophets. (1 Kings 18:4). Most fundamentally, she was a physical manifestation of a demonic spirit that sought to cause the land to wallow in spiritual unfaithfulness/whoredom/adultery. (Baal/Asherah worship was also synonymous with sexual depravity/vice).

Today, we should both understand the term, “Jezebel spirit”, and have a discerning eye to recognise its very common and distinctly-felt presence: a very specific demonic menace, manifesting through a controlling and manipulative woman, who wants to undermine, silence and kill the male prophetic voice of the LORD in the Body of Christ.

We have witnessed first-hand the stunningly beautiful love, respect and strength of godly women who are submitted to their husbands, publicly and privately, who don’t seek to usurp and abuse their man’s authority but who rather rejoice in it, complimenting the male weaknesses with strength and skill and gifting absent or more background in masculinity.

We have also repeatedly seen this Jezebel spirit persistently working to force a puppet-esque abdication in Christian leadership (in the Church and the home) by using their men so as to oppose the very ways and wisdom of God.

Look out for:

  • The presence of irrational intimidation (Elijah ran for his life from Jezebel, despite slaying 450 prophets of Baal & wielding the supernatural fire of God);
  • Results of paralysis/silence in those affected by her stench;
  • Manipulative control, often in the form of a kind of withdrawing silence in public. (Using their husbands to do their bidding).
  • Aggressive, enraged agendas against strong, prophetic male leadership.
  • An intense desire to “rally troops” to her bidding;
  • All of the above disguised as religious/reforming zeal.

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