The Company Man

Over the years I’ve engaged with sincere, Jesus-loving leaders that seem to function in one of two ways:

1. Company Men (Loyal to Denomination, Construct, Internal Methodology)

2. Kingdom Men (Able to Honor & Enjoy the Broad Diversity of the Body)

Company Men are men and women that I’ve met, enjoyed, and am thankful for, but are often very focused on their assignment and do not have the capacity or desire to see much beyond that. They are faithful leaders.

Kingdom Men are men and women that I’ve met and developed deep bonds of affection for, for they have the grace to see beyond their borders to the larger symphony that the Lord is building across the earth. They can find their dignity in and connect their labors to His story.

I used to be troubled by the Company Man, but now greatly value his loyal heart and faithful spirit. We weren’t meant to partner together nor bond at the heart level, as they are part of another work that is not mine. I now see that we need both to bring the Bride into fullness.

This designation may sound derogatory or condescending to some, but I would submit it is more due to the American discomfort with loyalty, submission to authority, and honor for leadership. In the U.S., being a “Company Man” is a put-down.

I see Peter and James, brother of Jesus as Company Men.

I see Paul and Barnabas as Kingdom Men.

Which one you are is likely part of your assignment from heaven. Which one you’d prefer to be may be a product of cultural bias.

The contempt of the Kingdom Man for the Company Man threatens his status as one and may even limit his ability to engage in his assignment.

The highest, most noble thing is not our particular assignment, but each ones’s faithfulness to the will of God.

David Sliker – IHOPKC

Published by firebrandnotes

Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

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