Easter Sunday is a Complete Non-event

Here we are, it’s Easter Sunday morning again.

Nothing special or outstanding, just another ordinary day of glory like every other:

Christ is risen, He is alive, Satan & death have been smashed, the Precious Holy Spirit has been sent and the Church have been called His own.

Jesus lived, Jesus died, Jesus rose and Jesus is coming again.

Easter Sunday morning is a complete non-event because we are already living in it constantly with the breaking of every mercy-new morning: the constant state of Jubilee at the core of the gospel of grace that we have freely received.

So why do we get excited about Jesus over Holy Week and then simmer down over the rest of the year?

Are our celebrations wholly good? Or do they reveal more about our lack of evergreen faith than we’d want to admit?

And before you comment to complain, I include myself in this strangest of maladies.

I pray now for the garden, tomb-side excitement and comfort of Easter Sunday morning to consume and permeate every single second of every single day of our redeemed lives.

He is risen


Published by firebrandnotes

Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

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