Out of the Mouths of Babes

One of the sweetest highlights in pastoral ministry I’ve experienced thus far was when I was stood next to one of my best friends on the front row of the church we were leading together at the time. Like in any church, there were seemingly thousands of things/responsibilities/behind-the-scenes situations that were threatening to kidnap my simple worship and devotion.

I was stood wrestling with a few things, including fear, my eyes closed, as I tried to push in to his presence. I was trying. I’m still trying today, with a whole bunch of things.

Then I felt a tug at my left-hand and I looked down to see a 10-year old little girl from the congregation who’d come forward to give me a picture she’d drawn for me. Amongst the bright colours and stars and creativity read these words: To Nick Franks, Jesus loves you from Stephany

My heart thumped as I stood looking at the carefully made gift as the worship band played on (now in the distance) and I had this front-row encounter with 10-year old Stephany who, perhaps, unknowingly had been used by God to profoundly minister to my heart. All fear, all wrestling ceased! Her picture will always sit in my office somewhere easily within view.

Don’t ever under-estimate the power of your words, however old you are, and pray much for your pastor this year that they would know, and truly experience, the love and grace of Christ and the gospel that they talk so much about.


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Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

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