From One Charismatic to Another ⚔️

Is it really “time to bring the glory of God back to the Church”? 🤡

Charismatics are often a total joke. It upsets the sincere faith of some, (2 Timothy 2:18) to butcher The Bible by speaking about the glory of God like He was a vague spiritual gas from Indiana Jones. This is why I’m tired of the charismatic “chat” that is often put forward as solid biblical teaching. It’s not.

Scripture: 2 Samuel 6

Full-length VLOG: I am So Tired of Charismatics

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7 thoughts on “From One Charismatic to Another ⚔️

  1. I’m tired of the same brother and so much more. Where does one called of God, and graciously given gifts to serve the church go when He is entirely rejected by the church for raising these sane types of questions even go anymore? Lord help us.

    1. The proverbial wilderness. I’m working full-time at the minute on a sequel to Body Zero, Mark…and hope that it will be a profound help to many experiencing the same weariness and break past the cliche. Suffice to say for now, it is by God’s gracious design.

      1. Wilderness for sure. I must confess, I bought the book body zero from you a couple years ago and have not read it as I got distracted, but I will now because my heart is so heavy. I long for the church but she is so lost right now that the wilderness seems to be the only church that is safe. Keep me posted on when the new book is coming. Good to know there are other kindred spirits out there at least 🙂 God‘s peace!

      2. perhaps you are correct brother. On chapter 3 right now :-). Also, if you have a care to, follow my blog as well. there’s about seven years worth of my rant there so take your pick. God’s Peace!

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