Sad on Easter Morning?

This morning on Into the Pray – this Easter Sunday morning – I wanted to drop a quick word of testimony about how Easter morning often feels sad to me, based, in part, on what I see in the Church at large.

In Luke 24, Mary Magdalene, Joanna and Mary were met by an angelic vision and were encouraged to remember. Remember what? Jesus’ words in Luke 19 about His suffering and death on a cross. What joy in remembering the words spoken by Jesus.

Later on in the same chapter, Cleopas and his friend were told by Jesus to remember. Remember what? The words of all the prophets throughout the ages.

For us all this morning, if our hearts are truly set on pilgrimage, we may not initially wake and ‘feel’ brimming resurrection joy as these women did, as Peter did running to the tomb (Luke 24:12) or as the disciples did on the road to Emmaus. (Luke 24:13-35).

If only we had an encounter with some angels! If only we could run to see His neatly folded linen cloths! If only we could go for a Sunday walk/Bible study with Jesus!

But, just like the women in this 24th chapter of Luke, we do have Jesus’ perfectly prophetic words to remember! We do have an empty tomb to go and see, we do have solid prophetic hope.

This is why Luke 21 is so important to remember as we go into another day, month and year.

As John Chyrsostom said, “For the Christian it is always Christmas, always Easter, always Penetecost.”

I hope this is an encouragement to you this morning.


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Finally, here is a medley of songs (all written before 1980) that we have been comforted by in recent days.

Come, Lord Jesus!


N&M x

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2 thoughts on “Sad on Easter Morning?

  1. the hardest part of returning to a developed country after living in a remote area of the world is a sadness at state of the church, Christians. It’s hard to be encouraged to even attend church when you get nothing out of the service. Most message are watered down and sometimes no gospel is presented, just feel good message and maybe good music. The huge churches put on quite a show but the message do not grow the heart of a person. Yes, it made us sad until we found a church where the pastor was not into making those in the pew feel comfortable. Good thoughts.

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