Personal Bests

On top of our normal training, Mairi and I have been investing in a Personal Trainer for the last 4 weeks at Nuffield Health. The sessions with Rob are hard-core.

Because I’ve worked in exercise and health for 15 years, including within clubs like Nuffield, I tended to put this off as an option because of my own knowledge base in this industry.

But I’d totally under-estimated the immense value of two things:
1) Rob’s own advanced knowledge base which is different and more specialised than mine, and

2) Rob standing over us while we train enabling our variety, performance, technique and gains to increase. They’re of course all related.

Two little reasons why Personal Training is the best money I’ve ever spent. Why not give it a go?

If you’re in the UK, I’d very much recommend Nuffield Health for superb value for money and a uniquely blended balance of fitness, exercise and health professionalism.

Here’s to more Personal Bests (PBs)


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