Glorious Ruins, Bent Glory

I’m reading several books at the moment – this afternoon I’ll be with Dr R T Kendall but this morning I’m hanging out with Dr Dan Allender.

I’m having a hard time not stopping, highlighting and tweeting his excellent work in Leading With A Limp

Here’s a quote that’s worthy of a blog article all on its own and a photograph from @NeilDuggan80 that I’ve just seen which is also worthy of a blog article all on its own:-

To be like Jesus means that we must enter the complexity of both dignity and depravity. We are made in the image of God – glorious. We have taken on Adam and Eve’s hiding and blaming – ruin. We are glorious ruins, bent glory. And it shows up in every moment of our existence until one day we see Jesus as He is and become pure as He is pure.


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Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

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