3 thoughts on “When the Oceans Rise

  1. I have read the Spurgeon sermon Nick – thanks for the link. Very powerful language. We raised the question in iServe Africa recently as we were preaching through Zephaniah – whether God still judges nations, within history, for their deeds. My personal inclination is to focus on Romans 1 (that the wrath of God is being revealed precisely *in* the giving over to SSM etc.) and Luke 13 (there’s often not a direct link between disaster and sin but these events are warnings to us). But then looking at the history of the last 2000 years I guess you could point to the destruction of civilisations like the Romans and the Aztec. Perhaps Western civilisation is following the way of dissipation, decay and degradation that felled Rome or perhaps it could be destroyed by outsiders as the Aztec were. But even it it doesn’t then there is a far worse eternal destruction coming. It’s interesting how flooding is a particular foretaste of this (I might blog something on that).

    1. Thanks, Andy. It is obviously a difficult subject and one that has been badly received here. The conversation spills over into the matter of the redefinition of marriage. I might shortly write a blog article entitled, “the weekend I realised I was a homophobic bigot because I believe in the bible”

      1. I was really shocked, when I was last in the UK, by the hatred and bile that was faced by gospel ministers on this issue. Praying for you mate and all those holding out Christ and suffering with him…

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