The Fulham Drama

Four of us went to watch Fulham v Liverpool FC last night. London was squally and freezing cold as we sat in the Hammersmith end wondering if Liverpool were going to continue to challenge for their first League Title since 1989/90.

Quietly and coldly confident of a LFC victory

Roger’s Reds demonstrated great resolve amidst poor weather and a doggedly defensive Fulham team and came out on top thanks to a topsy turvy 2-3 score-line. Stevey Gerrard stepped up as cool as a cucumber and slotted a 90th minute penalty away securing the points. Just awesome.

ImageI’d had an intense day yesterday and found my mind wondering even amongst the footballing drama – my thoughts strayed to Jesus as my heart wrestled with things way more important than the Premier League. If your thoughts stray to Jesus, that is always good:-

– We were in the Hammersmith Fulham end and I longed to be up in the travelling Kop at the other end. When Liverpool scored (and especially the third goal) all I could do was shout inside. What a crap feeling – wanting to be able to dive in with the Liverpool lads and yell, shout and scream. A few other LFC fans had been chucked out near to where we were, so I had to keep quiet. But what a miserable feeling.

– Steve Franks didn’t care on one occasion though – when Philippe Coutinho pulled Liverpool level for the second time his celebration was spontaneous – raw, pure passion. He then quipped that it would be a glorious way ‘to go’ if a malaise of Fulham fury erupted on us as LFC rode out as champions. What honour!

– Down at the other end at the epicentre of the Liverpool fan-base, the power of the Liverpool singing made the hairs on my neck stand tall. What glory in that kind of passion and unity…and victory. I longed to be down there with my Liverpool brothers.

– Where we were sat meant that we couldn’t quite see where the ball was in relation to the pitch. Danny Sturridge went through on goal in the last minute of the game but we couldn’t see if he was or wasn’t hacked down, in or out of the box. The ref said it all. But we needed to be higher to see with clarity.

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