Ten Thousand Little Things

Happy New Year! I’m praying that love for God this year would blossom like never before in our lives personally and within the world-wide church as a whole.

Have you ever thought about the extent of the beauty of the world-wide church based on the extent of her love for her Bridegroom, Jesus? How beautiful will the Bride be when He returns and how beautiful is she at the moment? Or how whole-hearted is her love?

The Church will be perfectly pure and spotless and dazzling white when Jesus returns to claim his inheritance (Psalm 2:8) but the Church is not yet like that. Yes we are the redeemed of the LORD but we are also being redeemed and made holy and beautified as this happens. We are growing in love individually for Jesus and the Church is also being transformed (See Hosea) in the beauty of Jesus-riveted, whole-hearted love.

I think this process of loving God more, (growing in loving God with all of our being as per Matthew 22:37) is found in the dynamic of what Paul Tripp describes as the ‘ten thousand little things’ that make up the mundane in all of our lives. Loving God more whole-heartedly in 2014 (your highest call in life) won’t be as the result of a spectacular event or supernatural wonder; it will be the result of growing up within the ten thousand million little opportunities this year to honour Him and prefer Him over all things.

Looking for fresh input in 2014? You might like to read more of Paul Tripp here – he has an awesome moustache!

In Jesus

Nick Franks

Published by firebrandnotes

Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

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