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Ready: Living Full in a Bloated World

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The Need For Learning

The early church exploded from a small group of misfit disciples into the most dynamic and cohesive movement within the Roman empire in just three hundred years. They were the new kids on the block and they were taking over the place. One early critic was claiming that they had ‘turned the world upside down’ (Acts 17.6).

In seeking to cultivate a lifestyle that is truly ready for Jesus’ second coming, directed by His Sermon on the Mount, we could contribute their success to a few factors:

  • They were courageous. They witnessed that Jesus was Lord in the face of persecution.

  • They prayed. Without much money, celebrities, or smoke machines, they relied on the power of God.

  • They were alternative. They preached a fiercely counter cultural message against both sexual immorality and greed. They lived chaste lives and gave freely to the poor.

All of these factors were essential to their success. But there is one more factor that is often overlooked… (more…)