Look at the Lamb (Day 19)

Day 19 – Nick Summary of Chapter 19 Verses 1-16: The first 8 words of this chapter take one second to read. Scenes from Mel Gibson’s┬áPassion of the Christ come to mind as we can only imagine what this ‘flogging’ looked like. Isaiah (52:14) gives us a better idea, approximately 760 years before, who detailsContinue reading “Look at the Lamb (Day 19)”

Easter Paradidomi – Why is Good Friday good?

I’m colour blind – i.e. I can’t always discern between shades of brown and red and green. This means very little to me except that I can’t be an RAF pilot or a bomb disposal expert. It also means that I occasionally foul in snooker by playing a brown by mistake. And it means thatContinue reading “Easter Paradidomi – Why is Good Friday good?”