When Harry Met Meghan

Dear All

We have no intention of reading the book or following this any more closely, but having watched Harry’s interview last night by British journalist Tom Bradby, we felt we should say something about relational breakdown/estrangement and some important things that we’ve learnt over the last ten years of marriage, during which the prophetic ministry of our lives has resulted in the pain of relational breakdowns.

To what extent is Harry and Meghan’s charge fair? To what extent do we agree with what Harry shared? What does this have to do with the gospel?

This video is available in podcast version here.

A biblical response to relational estrangement and family breakdown // 9.1.23 // 7:30pm GMT

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In other news, my forthcoming second book has been written to help us all (those who are genuinely His) to breach this pervasive chaos of the Church.

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“We want more boldness among the friends of truth. There is far too much tendency to sit still and wait for committees…We want more men who are not afraid to stand alone. It is truth, not numbers, which shall always in the end prevail. We have the truth, and we need not be ashamed to say so. The judgment day will prove who is right, and to that day we boldly appeal.”

— J C Ryle

In early January 2020, before COVID-19 or lockdowns were even a thing, God had asked me to call the churches of the U.K. to close.

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Over the last two years, 99% of the Church have continued to bark up (or sleep lazily at) the wrong tree.

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