The Demonic Leadership of Wim Hoff

Wim Hoff:- An affable chap that helps the grieving population of the world to have ice baths and overcome their fears?

No. He is a blind guide for the blind strolling to hell.

Have you/yours seen the new BBC “Freeze the Fear” show that is broadcasting the demonic spiritual ‘leadership’ of Wim Hoff to the nation?

Here’s an evangelistic response below (for Christians and non-Christians) premiering on YouTube this evening at 7:30pm.

Please consider sharing this video to your unsaved mates and family.


Nick Franks

Premiering YouTube // 24.4.22 // 7:30pm BST

Published by firebrandnotes

Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

One thought on “The Demonic Leadership of Wim Hoff

  1. What an incredible, awakened human being. Truly in touch with ‘God’. The benefits of ice bathing are now being used to help children cancer victims.

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