The Language of Dislocation

Premiering tomorrow morning via YouTube at 8am GMT, why not join me for a forensic look at one of the most “well-known” passages in the Bible. (1 Corinthians 12:14-27)

Grab your Bible 🙏

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Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

2 thoughts on “The Language of Dislocation

  1. Hello Nick and Mauri, it’s been a while since I listened in. Lovely hearing your voice today on the topic of dislocation. I dislocated my wrist last week and didn’t think it had a deeper meaning. Then I heard from the Lord with a new intercession assignment two weeks ago to pray for the Body of Christ globally. I’ll camp on this intercession topic for weeks or months until He moves me to another topic. That said, dislocation was a timely word, adding further clarity and insight to my prayers. One Spirit, one message, right? Keep steady on in faith and koinonia,
    Warmly, Kathryne Leach, North Carolina, USA

    1. Hi Kathryne! Sorry to hear about your accident but glad that it had a deeper resonance. Will you be blogging about it? Thanks ever so much for tuning in and dropping us a line. If you could spare a minute or two to rate/review the podcast we’d be grateful!

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