Each & Every Way

All follicles of hair and each nuancing of name, every intricacy of life, by Him alone are made.

Each alveolied lung, all lashes of the eye, each peculiarity of smile, by Him alone designed.

Every deliberating brain and all thinking of the mind, each step along the Way, with Him alone refined.

All broken bones again and every sinewed length of frame, each muscle grouping strained, by Him alone remade.

Each second of worldly past and all stages of life today, every looming hour to come, to Him alone displayed.

Every longing hope deferred and each oldest dream decayed, all praying petitions sang, to Him the glory gave.

Each earthly sorrow felt and every sharpest affliction tend, all stinging reproach of hell, by Him alone defend.

Every nearest person lost and every relative estranged, each former worship friend, by Him alone is weighed.

Every anxious churning heart, each weeping blood-shot eye, all weary, stuttered songs, from Him above replied.

Each fainting moment’s muse, every burdened buckled knee, each squeamish double mind, replete in the Redeemed.

Every chopping rising tide, each burning cosmic star, all distant grazing beast, doth in Him alone abide.

Each upward, faithful glance, all inner reaching plea, each penitent passing man, by Him fully received.

Each swelling doubt and fear, all sanguine mood and cheer, each peak and valley trough, by Him precisely clear.

All cloudy death and loss, each passing life and limb, for bulb and branch emerge, bypassing requiem.

Each fruitful vine and yard, all lovely leafing soon, each harvest season gleaned, for Him and by Him pruned.

Each pulsating beating heart, all cells and breath of wind, intuition, reflexive sense, hail Him as Mastermind.

Each bird and birthing deer, all lofty height and fear, each divinely spoken voice, before Him alone endear.

Each levelled, straightened path, every highest holy way, all grassland hill adorned, by Him alone is laid.

Each grievous warping way, all blinkered unseen shade, each vapid inner bent, once for all by Him remade.

Each dawning day anew, every passing year anon, each moment by and bye, by Him ordained foregone.

Each new and waking day, all peace and wisely way, every grace and pardon gained, by Him and Him today.

Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; it is high; I cannot attain it.

Psalm 139:6

Published by firebrandnotes

Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

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