Slaying Sunday Syndrome

Have you seen that Tom Cruise film, The Last Samurai?

If you have, you’ll recall the emphasis throughout the film on the art of conversation.

In this week’s episode of the Into the Pray podcast, Mairi and I host exactly this kind of conversation – a four-way discussion with good friends, Seamus & Sarah Bannon, that is far beyond the realms of chit-chat.

The Bannons currently live in Ireland but are imminently moving to Michigan, USA. They are mighty. They have two beautiful little girls and value being real and honest. They’re the kind of people who you know will always be there.

Above all they long for Jesus.

Why not listen in to our conversation and share with a friend here?

We talk about:

– the trauma of “leaving church”;
– the beauty of obeying the voice and leadership of the Spirit;
– the loneliness associated with ‘the prophetic’;
– the joy of genuine Christian family;
– the emerging Church that currently is barely even recognised as such;
– the inevitability of ‘small’
– the opposing influence of the common understanding of church to kingdom relationships
– the signpost to the existence of God that these kinds of relationships are meant to be…

Please excuse the roadworks and the Amazon delivery.


N&M x

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2 thoughts on “Slaying Sunday Syndrome

  1. This was fantastic! Jesus called my wife and I out of the Institutional church 4 years ago and everything Seamus spoke on we have have experienced. Unfortunately we are having a tougher time finding those relationships but we trust the Lord.

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