The Bothy Sessions: Dissolution of Denomination

For two thousand years the Church has been cursed by this thing called denomination. 

As though still building at the madness of Babel, a proud confusion of language preferred to the harmony of the elementary:

A neglecting of the Word, a quenching of the Spirit and a reneging on the mission. 

What of this forerunning claim? “Repent for the kingdom of heaven is near”

Isn’t there a dominion at hand and a King at the door of our corporate heart? 

What if every wall, every tradition, every allegiance and agreement with every false belief and structure was taken down? 

What if we took Jesus to people rather than inviting people to church? 

What if we got saved again…with a hermeneutic we’d actually die for? 

Not write a book from, or spin a lie from, but actually die for? 

Listen to me Church! 

Every church leader, every church goer…every company man, everyone committed to denominational style, to denominational movement, to tradition to “this is just the way we do it”…

Jesus said, “repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand”

Is it in the book? Then stop it! Is it in the book? Then for the love of God start it swiftly. 

Preach the Word of God in season and out, the whole Word, the whole counsel of God.

The blood, the cross, the suffering and the glory.

Steward the depths of the Word, dance in the heights of the Spirit and accept the mission O so urgent. 

Our practices, our commitments, our lifestyles reviewed…let us remember how far we have fallen. 

It’s not about soul-winning, outreach or congregational growth…

…it’s about the glory of His Name. 

With this dissolution of denomination, and fresh wave of Word, Spirit and mission, our collective mental health will finally be liberated from the ultimate schizophrenia into the ultimate freedom of God. 

Maranatha, N&M xx

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Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

2 thoughts on “The Bothy Sessions: Dissolution of Denomination

  1. Yes, we end up putting so many other things at the top, forgetting that anything we do must PRIMARILY be for the glory of His name.

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