14 Thoughts From Mark 14

Best served slow with a glass of red after Sunday lunch:

  1. At the house of Simon the leper: Always prioritise extravagant intimacy with Him. Swat off all legalistic naysayers or demonic deceivers with “It is written…”
  2. On the first day of unleavened bread: Whoever you are, always be prepared to go and find a donkey or make a run-of-the-mill reservation. No task is too lowly for subjects of the King.
  3. The last supper/upper room: We’ll be drinking wine with Jesus in the kingdom of God.
  4. Just before Gethsemane: They ALL emphatically said that they would die with Him…
  5. Gethsemane I: All the disciples went to the garden but Jesus took with Him just Peter, James and John into the deeper realm of suffering.
  6. Gethsemane II: Jesus told Peter, James AND John to sit and pray but only asked Peter why they’d all been sleeping.
  7. Gethsemane III: In the presence of deep, demonic deception and betrayal, the natural order of human affection was turned on its (counterfeit) head:- a kiss was used to betray.
  8. Gethsemane IV: Malchus’ amputated ear represents the ultimate and eventual order of Christ as King, when “those who have ears to hear will hear”. The Word of God is infinitely mightier than the sword.
  9. Just before the Council: Always be prepared to stand your ground, even naked if needs be (Jesus did). We will become even more undignified than this.
  10. Before the Council I: Peter’s penchant for comfort continues.
  11. Before the Council II: Now the chief priests and the whole council were seeking testimony against Jesus to put him to death…but they found NONE (v55).
  12. Before the Council III: Jesus was either mental, evil or…who He said He was: “Are you the Christ, the Son of the Blessed?” And Jesus said, “I am, and you will see the Son of Man seated at the right hand of Power, and coming with the clouds of heaven.”
  13. Before the Council IV: Jesus was hailed blasphemer. He wasn’t ignored or reduced to being a good bloke.
  14. Back by Peter’s comfortable fire: break-down, repentance and weeping comes before the building of the Church of Christ.(Mark 16: 17-19)

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