Daddy’s Little Girl

This month I’ve had the privileged opportunity of working with Eloho Efemuai to produce a special film adapting a powerful Brennan Manning story from one of my favourite books, The Furious Longing of God.

If you haven’t read it yet I’d thoroughly recommend that you get a copy ASAP!

In the meantime, sit back for a couple of minutes and enjoy an adaptation of one of its stories in film. I pray that it leads you to our heavenly Abba Father.

As Eloho says,

It’s not about religion; it is about a relationship with God. It’s about encountering God in a fresh way. It’s about returning back to the heart of worship.

Please also stop by Eloho’s website and consider supporting her.

Published by firebrandnotes

Jesus. @MairiFranks Learning to love as I should. @nickfranks @firebrandnotes

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