Praise In My House

The brilliant brand new album from Rex Allchurch, Praise In My House, landed on social media and iTunes this week.

I’ve never met Rex before but, that he is a great man of the presence, I am sure – my awesome bro, Steve, has been friends with him for years.

Enjoying this music is like downing a double espresso of gospel joy in the morning, priming you again for a life of thankfulness and love and infusing the home or the car with a deep aroma of the presence of our glorious King.

It’s a live, raw, missional project that will seriously bless you on your own or with friends, gathering. And the live background bleed of clapping, singing and worshipful chatter is a privileged window into the intimate time of worship these friends had while making the music.

As my favourite track, Praise In my House, (track 2), is a seriously infectious song of praise that makes me smile every time I hear it! The lead vocals from Rex have a range that is pure, primal and passionate as he oozes love for Jesus. (Looking forward maybe one day to a bigger band/produced version).

Go on, download this beauty and enjoy the fresh wave of worshipful expression that it carries and provokes. I guarantee you’ll be singing “There’ll never be a day…” when you’re at work, taking the kids to school, at the gym or trying to revise – whatever, whenever.

Be blessed,

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