Oikos: With Us

I’ve recorded three studio songs in the last few years and had others recorded and used at Life Church in Bradford, but none of them have adequately scratched the itch that keeps me writing and searching.

Song-writing for me is partly about scratching the itch I have to articulate what’s going on in my heart as I journey along the road towards the fullness of God. The itch isn’t from wanting to craft songs alone but wanting to know Him as He is and to express the peaks and troughs along the way. It’s the itch that will hopefully get more annoying the older I get and the nearer to Him I am.

But I’ve learnt recently that the itch is also really a longing to find the right people with whom to journey – people with whom you can be kindred as you seek Jesus as a family. People of kindred spirits, knit in Christ. That’s what homes are for, right?

This time around I’m wanting to capture a live and precious moment of home worship – Oikos is the word: the hub of household activity in ancient Greek culture – dining, lounging…just living. How much of our worship should come from right here? Most of it should. Our prayer and worship HQ.

I’m collaborating with some great people on this new track from churches around London, including worship leaders from other churches. I’m especially looking forward to recording with a session cellist from HTB and an immensely energetic, quiff-endowed fellow from Farnham.

With Us expresses a deep longing for God amidst trial, (something of a lament), and a celebration for what He’s done already in our lives by promising to never leave or abandon us.

Hope you might be blessed by Oikos: With Us which will be ready to view in June 2014.






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Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

2 thoughts on “Oikos: With Us

  1. This is so good Nick.

    Might be visiting your neck of the woods tomorrow aka Paignton. 🙂 Hope you and Mari are enjoying life in London.

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