The Wonder Of It All

Here are some snaps of our Paper Anniversary jaunt from Inverbervie, through the Cairngorns, to Loch Ness – awesome!

I dedicate this to Mairi who is the biggest wonder in all of this.

Thank you to Mum and Dad who have loved and supported us this year more than we can tell and for accepting us as we are. We love you!

People say that the first year of marriage is hard in getting used to living with someone, sleeping with someone, preferring someone else to your own selfish empire. But Mairi is a constant joy for me: she puts up with my grumpiness and all my quirks; she is easy to be with all the time; she loves me for who I am; she makes me feel strong and encourages me to be who I am in Him. And she is a foxy lady. Such favour from Jesus.

I’d (we’d) also like to thank my Mum and Dad for being such Godly, gracious, deeply generous and supportive parents. Especially when opposition seems to have slapped us both sharply in the face leading up to our wedding day and in this first year, we have been immensely blessed, abundantly, by Mumma and Pappa Franks. Thank you.

Dear Jesus, thank you for Your grace by which we tread along every path and through each day. Thank you that You’ve made us Your sons and daughters to behold You when you again come. I love You













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