#Fbn2 7th Year Anniversary – Blessed By Buoyancy

The Firebrand Notes blog has been going for seven years now and has been morphing into a different form in the last year or so. But it’s far from complete and in one sense it never will be.

I thought it would be a good way of marking its 7th anniversary occasion by having a go at the WordPress Daily Post 1’000 word challenge: http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/02/03/inspiration-images-1000-words/

Here’s my short entry for the relaxation image provided by Cheri Lucas Rowlands from the Daily Post Challenge this week:-


Blessed By Buoyancy

Horizontal was he, blessed by buoyancy in beautiful ways. Baked and salty and carried in currents to spiritual planes.

Warmed by shallow tides, seagulls and shore-line chatter; excited screams, ice cream vendors and fair-ground clatter.

Then, a swelling crescendo of amplified noise: the pulsing of low-end tones, shallow breathing and an athlete’s bones. Back and forth, in and out – jet skis skimming against his small world brimming.

Blessed by buoyancy in brand new ways – drenched in ocean therapy and monumental waves.

The warmth of sandy water gone, pick-pocketed from behind by coral cambers down. Past speed-boat anchors, harbour-side masters and pedalo renters.

Then, a swelling crescendo of amplified noise: the relentless whirring of rhythmic pressure, uncertain breathing and sacred Meccas. The to and the fro, an in and an out – a calendar’s haze of treadmill discipline and the mazy walls of doubtful mysticism.

Blessed by buoyancy in infinities of ways – converging by faith’s umbilical into a vertical gaze.

Icy waters soothing the swelling of mind, clarity crafting a sanity by helping him find. Ambivalence and memory again decide, against the gushing of mindless pride, of rushing by and trying to hide, from the surest mark against mankind – a constant sea of weakness inside.

Then, a swelling crescendo of amplified noise: the Words on a page, a Lighthouse to save, memorised mercies and neuropathies of Grace. The to and the fro, an ebb and a flow. Exquisite delights of realities bestowed. Limping through thought to all that was bought, for a cripple as he, healed on a tree.

Blessed by the buoyancy of unbelievable grace – a future secured through all time and space.

Nick Franks 6/2/14

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