God Almighty Built the Universe & All Its Planets

Watching the recent programmes from the BBC entitled Richard Hammond Builds a Planet/Universe has reminded me of the hopelessness of our attempts to reach or understand God without God himself leading the way.

Genesis 11 showcases humanity’s pride and ludicrous thinking that a tower could be built that would be high enough to mount the gates of heaven as though God was some kind of giant who could be reached via the beanstalks of our physical/cognitive efforts. It displeased (hurt) God that his people could be that proud in the presence of their Covenant Creator.

Doesn’t it hurt and displease God when man talks today about building a planet or a Universe as though it depends on 21st Century technology and scientific discovery? Richard Hammond’s big tower is not better than the Tower of Babel – it’s worse because he has been given Jesus and a better covenant. (2 Cor.3:7-11 and see book of Hebrews) and yet he is currently blind to see (2 Cor.4:4).

But of course, Richard Hammond could build something and the glory of God would be in that. If Richard built a boat or a bridge or even a Big Ben then God would be glorified (and is by whoever built them) but let’s leave clouds and wind and sunshine to God, eh. He alone is the Revelaer of mysteries (Dan.2:47), not the big towers or the High Definition televisions.

Where is our wonder and the majestic mystery of our Romans1:19 God? Come on society – we can do better than this!


Published by firebrandnotes

Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

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