Creating Your Best

I’ll be working on a new worship project at Peak Studios in Bradford UK next week with some friends and members of my family to produce something special about the Presence of God. Here are two thoughts to steer you towards better creative output.

  • If you have a project just around the corner like this, it’s a good idea to give yourself to some other projects rather than chiseling away at the same song – it’s good to start something new. Similarly, if you find yourself stuck in a rut with an idea why not put it to the side and work on something else? Occasionally, two separate ideas will dovetail together and compliment each other but if they don’t you’re still maximising your time by working on something fresh.
  • Your creative environment is also very important for making the most of your creative energies. For the last few months I hadn’t been able to find a ‘quiet place’ to allow creativity to flow (I was being interrupted every 2 minutes by RAF jets flying over head) but having recently moved to somewhere quieter I have a new ‘Gentleman’s Library’ (see photo) in which to be as quiet or as loud as I need to be, without interruption. Tranquility and peace will increase your creativity.  So if you want to increase creative output you have to find somewhere you can think freely, sing loudly and be at rest. A room this size also provides some very nice natural reverb!Image

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