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Dear Reader

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be working on a new updated blog site to capture not only thoughts and ideas, but to generate healthy, helpful forums for discussion about a whole bunch of topics.

Firebrand Notes are rooted in the knowledge of Who Jesus really is – to me, to you and to the Cosmos. It is rooted in a passion to make Him known, really known, because He is often not known at all or known in a way that makes Him seem less desirable than He is in reality.

The new Firebrand Notes blog will be about all of life:- politics, movies, fitness and health, theology, eating and drinking – and all because this brand new life Jesus has given spills over into all of these areas. It’s all for Him!

I am also due to release a book proposal in the next 6 months and will keep posts updated about that too! It will be a work inspired by another classic – keep connected for more, developing info. Really would appreciate your thoughts.

Please would you maybe leave a comment below and let me know what kind of writing you might like to read including what type of topics you’d like to see covered or be apart of?

Thank you!


Nick Franks


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Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

4 thoughts on “New Firebrand Notes

  1. I like to read things that show heart and passion. I read a great book by Austin Kleon recently, where he said “Write was you want to read”. I guess it works with, “Read what you like to write”.

  2. The passion-driven / gospel-driven life; Relationship between marriage and the gospel; Anything on the Song of Songs; Reflections on Christian music and music in general; Bags of grace; Stuff about enjoying a Father-Son relationship in Christ; Spiritual warfare; Classic NF honesty and realism and reflections on real life.

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