Paignton Paparazzi

Last week-end I went out kayaking in the glorious October summer sun with a friend. It’s called the English Riviera down here for a reason – when the weather is like this it’s like being on the Continent: warmer temps, sparkling ocean, thousands of tourists, flip-flops galore and occasionally decent surf.

View of Preston Beach to Berry Head
Quality little beach where I grew up

I was thinking I’d take my camera out with me on the water to get some spectacular snaps but decided against it because I lost a pair of Oakleys the last time I kayaked. (I’d capsised when trying to retrieve a Tunnocks caramel bar from a million pound luxury craft who’d pulled alongside my kayak to offer the snack. That was the most expensive chocolate I’ve ever eaten).

Out on the water, it wasn’t long before I was wishing I’d taken the risk and brought my camera. Thatchers Rock is about 5 miles out to sea and it was a mission to get there across some (thanks to speed boats) choppy waters. The wild-life out there is pretty unusual too and the whole scene was just luscious.

About 5 hours later, when my friend and I got back to my parked car above Paignton Harbour, I noticed a bit of paper under my wiper saying “Kayak Photos” and  inside was an email address I could use as a contact to get my photos! Turns out that a photographer had spotted us walking down from the car to the beach about 5 hours before and, because of the blue lunch-box I was carrying, recognised me on the water as we kayaked off after that! (My lunch-box was on the front of the kayak).

I was blown away – better photos than I’d ever have taken!

This quirky moment reminded me that someone is probably always watching us and, even if they’re not, Abba always is. He does things like this occasionally just to remind me.

He will for you too.

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8 thoughts on “Paignton Paparazzi

  1. Reminds of the fact that nothing eludes the eye of an omniscient and omnipotent God. In infantry bootcamp and Officer Cadet School you can do whatever you want like smoke, be half-asleep at lectures whilst pretending to take notes (I never got caught for this), stand on one-leg, sleeping while on duty, walk slowly, brandish your drill sword etc, just as long as you’re not caught by your instructors. The consequences in the latter are very draconian and can range from a defaulter’s parade, suspension of privileges to court martial. You relish it each time you get away with a forbidden fag or drink of port in the night until you get caught out and have to suffer the consequences. When you later become a platoon commander and catch your soldiers who made the stupid mistakes you made when you were a peccant cadet, you never enjoy punishing or lecturing them,but have no choice but to chastise them just because you saw it happen. In your heart you know you’re a real hypocrite as you were trained to lead only by example and they probably know this.

    1. Yes bro! Integrity. Wow. Challenging to think that He is always on the scene, moving behind the scene and moving the scenes He’s behind. Comforting though that, in all His moving, He’s infinitely gracious 🙂

      You’re a good man!

  2. Thanks for this mate. Great encouragement to live life before Him. The Oakleys incident reminded me of the time I went on the Norfolk Broads with some guys and in stepping ashore over one of the guys sitting on the edge of the boat I knocked the sunglasses sitting on his head into the murky broads. “Oh know – really sorry mate – were they expensive?” “About 200 quid.” Made me really empathise with the guy in 2 Kings 6:5 (incidently another story that shows God’s amazing concern for the little things).

  3. Will check this out tomorrow…we’re silly creatures at times, eh! How utterly worthless are some of things we hold so tightly and how dissatisfied are we with the the things of infinite value? I know that’s true for me a lot of the time and it bothers me

    But then the Oakley and Rayban stories are just silly and very funny! 200 quid, mate!

  4. That is the power of the universe for sure, we need not regret, we should just enjoy the moment – you put your message out there and how delightful that a professional photogrpaher responded. What a beautiful gift.

    Love the reference to the lesson of the Oakleys, you did well to heed that caution.

  5. Hi There Nick

    You messaged me on a website but I don’t have subscription anymore ;). So I cheated and found your wordpress. My blog addy is (it’s just a bit of mixed up fun). If you like what you read message me your email addy.

    Hope you’re having a great day.

    Chat soon.


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