*DISCLAIMER: Ref – Part II: Brain Chemicals

i) Before anyone thinks about complaining or issuing “cautionary comments” on Facebook, we are in no way advocating that anyone taking medications for anxiety or depression should necessarily stop taking said medication. Neither are we saying that Christians shouldn’t take medications for their mental health because somehow their ‘faith isn’t good enough’.  We would never even think that.

ii) It is equally true that many GPs prescribe, and many patients take, medications that are not needed and, in fact, make matters worse. We are seeking to address the root problems rather than the symptoms.

iii) Neither are we stupid enough to exclude the realm of the demonic, particularly, (as just one example), in cases of state-sponsored euthanasia (Related reading HERE).

iv) The Bothy Sessions are presented as spoken word pieces and our main narratives through them are: a) even when anti-depressant medications are biologically required, they’re still not the ultimate answer to our mental health sufferings b) The Church of Jesus Christ is meant to be the NO.1 anti-depressant on the planet but is often the exact opposite c) Sunday Syndrome is a major player in the failure of the western Church to be a potent force that alleviates mental health strain, rather often compounding it.

v) As a way of contributing some way to solutions, a team of us will be contributing blogs over the next few months to suggest counter-cultural ways of the Church increasingly becoming all that she should be and will become.

WATCH The Bothy Sessions HERE