NEW BOOK: God’s Green Room

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I’m very excited to introduce to you a book project that I have been working on since the end of 2013 – the working title of the book is God’s Green Room. It will be released in 2016 and promises to help millennial young people to engage with a radical life-style of abiding prayer by being a book that will be attractive to pick up, compelling to buy, provoking in content and practical to be applied into every day life.

The vision for this book landed in my heart when I looked for some help on-line about this thing we Christians call ‘abiding’. It’s an important word. We all know it’s an important word but we struggle to know what it really means and what it really looks like to abide well. All I found through google was a book by Andrew Murray called Abide in Christ – a beautiful book written to help young people to develop fruitful lives of prayer. BUT, it was written in a time and in a way that would keep Jesus’ timeless message of John 15 locked up in an out-dated style and packaging. And so it punched me in the face – we have a packaging problem.


Like the semi-colons that we kind of admire when we see them utilised properly in beautifully crafted writing, but are never really sure how to use ourselves when we have a go, abiding, remaining, dwelling in God can be words that don’t make much sense to us. God’s Green Room was an idea conceived to help young, millennial people to really understand what abiding means and how to become a young person that significantly counters culture and intuition by abiding in Christ through prayerfully dynamic lives.


6 thoughts on “NEW BOOK: God’s Green Room

  1. This sounds brilliant Nick – you are right there is a lack of up to date writing on this subject. I have also found very little, and ended up reading Andrew Murray. Although he is brilliant he is (certainly for me) hard to read and stick with. I would love to read your book when it comes out (is it relevant to a 40 year old? 😉 )

    1. Hi mate, real good to hear from you. I’ve failed for the time being to secure a publisher so it’s a little ‘paused’ at the minute. But yes, Murray is superb but a little unpalatable, especially for millennial guys/girls I’m trying to write for. Thanks a lot for checking in!

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