6 thoughts on “NPF

  1. Hey Franks, fantastic site and really powerful devotional messages in here great job bro! I’m saving this page to My Favourites, and looking forward to reading more and more from your heart man. You’re a blessing!!

  2. Hey Nick,
    I didnt know you had this site on the go, wow.
    Been praying with Lauren this am and listen to Mike Bickle whoop!!!
    Jesus Let your Kingdom Come!!!!

    Thanks Nick for all you are, from a distance really do i know you but you have God etched all over your stature, highly favoured and blessed.

    Pam G <

  3. Nick, you commented on my blog a while back, and I’m sorry it’s taken me this long to make it over to yours! But I was wondering, what is your role in worship leadership at your church? Band, vocals, pastor? Also, are you on Twitter? I have met so many wonderful people in ministry thru Twitter, it’s been amazing to have a sense of community with other leaders. Hope you have a terrific week. God bless!

  4. Hey stranger, just found your blog – good to hear about what you are doing now and read about all the ministries you are involved in. Will be sure to keep on checking in!
    Claire (used to be Brown, now Parkin).

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