Am I A Homophobic Hypocrite?

“Rawhead Rex” thinks it’s OK to accuse me of being a homophobic, hateful hypocrite because I disagree that morality is subjective and that, therefore, homosexuality is immoral and sinful.

If morality is subjective and “each man to himself”, then Rex is right, what I claim about fundamental morality is false and I should publicly apologise and be reported for hate speech.

But if morality is fundamentally an objective reality determined by Jesus Christ, the Son of God, then Rex should repent…as should our very sick culture at large.

May God have mercy.


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“Islamic extremists blow-up our teenagers, our elected governments teach our children about the benefits of pornography and prominent church leaders say nothing biblical about abortion and transgenderism.”

Beginning with Saul’s dramatic transformation from Christian-hater to radical disciple, The Glorious Few leads the reader on a journey through the de-radicalised Church to discover what radical discipleship really means.

Nick Franks reflects on the counterfeit process by which Islamic terrorists are radicalised and what this spiritual forgery teaches us about the Holy Spirit and His preparation of the Church for the return of Christ.

Using scriptural study, extensive research and personal testimony, The Glorious Few is ultimately a heart-felt cry for national repentance and the Bride of Christ to be straightened out in preparation for the return of Jesus.

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