Detainees: Maintain Silence

Detainees at Guantanamo Bay are required to maintain silence. The American government insists that prisoners there do not have the same human rights as you or I do. Their humanity is bypassed in the name of George W. Bush’s ‘war on terrorism.’

And so, Guantanamo detainees are silent or they are punished, perhaps tortured. 

When Queen Elizabeth II passed away yesterday, early news reports from the BBC described the ‘socio-cultural changes’ that she had witnessed during her unparalleled reign as being ‘unprecedented’. Within less than five minutes, the narrative had been corrected to instead describe these socio-cultural changes as ‘global’, which, of course, they are.

But why edit that word — why replace ‘unprecedented’ with ‘global’? Well, quite simply, to appease the LGBT wokerati. ‘Global’ softened the starkness of the reality, it dampened in ‘non-descriptness’ the abominations that Queen Elizabeth had witnessed. 

Clive Myrie (A BBC news presenter) had it right the first time: ‘unprecedented’ was the more appropriate word for the socio-cultural changes that Queen Elizabeth had seen (that many of us have seen).

These unprecedented socio-cultural changes in British society, throughout the world, adopted wholesale by much of the Body of Christ, are precisely the realities that should be catalysing the conscription of conscience in all of us. 

But, sadly, we are currently detained in the wrong prison and hence we will comply with our orders: “Detainees, maintain silence.”

We are currently unfeeling like fat.

But Jesus is coming.

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The Queen’s Passing Was Near

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Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

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