The Holy Bible LIVE

Reading #1: Jeremiah

Faith Comes By Hearing

Inspired by the highest peaks of the Karakorum, this is our new devotion to the public reading of Scripture.

Acknowledging that this first attempt is something like an ice-breaker and very humble beginning, the idea is that we create a new culture for Friday evenings whereby a group of prayerful intercessors are devoted to the public reading of Scripture.

Restricted in this first reading by tech and space issues, the plan is to develop a group of regular readers and variety of commentators so that we can go LIVE for hours – through the night if needs be – with kingdom rhythms of Bible reading, intercessory prayer and petitioning, worship and adoration.

The next reading will be of the book of Revelation: date TBC.

We are burdened particularly by the state-sponsored abuse of our children in the education systems, apostasy in the Church and neglect of the Bible.

If you would care to support our work like this, please see here. If you are excited about the prospect of what these sessions could become with a small, developing group and use of quality technology (that we’re learning!) please contact us here.

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4 thoughts on “The Holy Bible LIVE

  1. Hey there Nick, Mark Doherty here from New Zealand. I could be interested in sharing my salvation testimony, might need to discuss the technology involved though as I’m not very tech savvy! Cheers- Mark.

    1. Hi Mark, Sure…do you use Zoom OK? The main thing from distance like this would be that you’ve got a well-lit space and, ideally, a microphone. But even without a mic I’m sure we can capture something fine!

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