Maugrim & The Secret Scottish Police

I had just got out of a taxi outside Newcastle train station and I was burning with the Holy Spirit of God.

For the last half an hour I’d been riding with a young Muslim gentleman who was talking openly with me about his faith in Allah, Mohammed and the Quran.

In one sense, I was chatting here with a rather likeable chap who genuinely believed what he was saying. By his own admission, he didn’t know much about Islam or the Quran – and certainly not about Christianity – but he regularly went to the mosque.

I believed him.

But, in the other sense, I was dealing with the foul spirit of deceit known as the anti-Christ.

The specific term antichrist is used seven times in Scripture: twice in 1 John 2:18, 1 John 2:22, 1 John 4:3 and twice in 2 John 7.

The meaning of the term is simply “against Christ”. Not so much against his literal existence (no-one would credibly argue that) but specifically against who Jesus said he was.

There is nothing more contested in the spiritual realm than the claims of Jesus. Nothing. And nothing is as opposed by Satan on Earth.

Sure, a major scheme of the enemy is to encourage doubt in/out of the Church, in the goodness and faithfulness of God the Father, but it is possible to go to heaven discouraged in faith and floundering somewhat.

However, if one buys the lie that Jesus wasn’t who he said he was (because the biblical manuscripts are fabricated) then Lucifer has struck gold.

Screwtape is delighted in his hacking cough kind of way.

Maugrim and Peter

The spirit of the antichrist is a simmering caldron of carbon monoxide. The stupour that it vents throughout Islam, Buddhism, new atheism, secularism, pluralism, any-which-way-is-right-for-you-ism is, at all costs, intending to do one thing:

Oppose who Christ said Christ is; oppose who Christ continues to announce Christ is. 

I asked the taxi driver if I could share my story a little with him and he was up for it. So, in just a few minutes, I told him about the unique Christian gospel of grace and that the arguments against such a gospel – and such a God – really won’t do:

– The Bible is spurious (Of course it isn’t. Please research this and specifically the overwhelming scientific evidence demonstrably proving New Testament accuracy/reliability. There are hard facts and figures to consider, regardless of where you were born).

– Christ didn’t die (He absolutely did. Please research this and read this)

– Christ didn’t rise again (Really?).

– Christ didn’t claim to be God (He was marred beyond human recognition for claiming to be God, so, with respect, please stop saying this).

At the Station

By the time I’d got to the train station, I had confronted the oppositions to the Christian message that were raging – albeit rather politely – against Jesus Christ. My heart was burning with the zeal of God for the truth of Christ against the opposition of Christ.

I then arrived at the train platform where my breath was taken away:

Visit HERE and you’ll see for yourself that this isn’t a joke or a fake. This is actually happening.

As believers and lovers and followers of Christ, (at least in Scotland), we are now officially regarded by the State as both bigoted and hateful. This is tantamount to making the gospel illegal as it already has been in corrupt countries such as Russia. They might as well come and arrest us all now.

But this is Great Britain! A country with a heritage of gospel preaching that is renowned the world over: Tyndale, Wesley, Whitfield… and, for Nicola Sturgeon, John Knox holding up the rear.

A separation is upon us and the Church is on fire.

Trouble isn’t coming; trouble has emphatically arrived.

What does this mean for British Christians?

– it is an invitation into a more serious kind of discipleship, one that forsakes the ambivalence, contradictions and lethargy of the Church at large

– it is an invitation to forsake unbiblical and polarising denominational madnesses.

– it is an invitation into the suffering of Christ (read Matthew 10).

– it is an invitation to review what you really believe and how your lifestyle reflects that

– it is an invitation to love the world more dearly and your enemies more deeply.

– it is also an invitation to complain. (You can do this lovingly HERE)

– it is an invitation to prayer: if my people will humble themselves and pray… (2 Chronicles 7:14)

The Queen of Narnia had a right-hand henchman known as Maugrim, the captain of her Secret Police.

What we have seen begin to more obviously unfold this week in Scotland is nothing less than a fire across the bow of the Church from the captain of the White Witch, Queen of Narnia.

Her plan is to never let Christmas come, never allow the thaw to start and never to see Aslan return.

How did that go?

Please consider complaining to the Scottish government for this horrendous slight on the Christian heritage of this beloved nation and a personal attack on every (loving) person of faith who, in all good conscience, can not agree with the delusional malady spewing from the cultural narratives of this hour.

More info HERE

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Wider support HERE

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4 thoughts on “Maugrim & The Secret Scottish Police

  1. It’s very similar with your neighbours in England. South Yorkshire Police had a campaign documented by a Christian blogger (Stephen Kneale, Building Jerusalem) encouraging people to report hate incidences, not even crimes! My local library is a place you can report “hate”. Before people reading this start to think Christians are hateful people who are scared to get caught out, hate isn’t necessarily bad. Of course we shouldn’t hate people, but we can hate bad things like paedophilia and jihad/Islamic terrorism. We shouldn’t be surprised at the politically correct brigade’s hatred (!) of the good news of salvation for hateful people. Jesus said if they hate Him they’ll hate us. And we shouldn’t get worried, they’re never going to legislate against the fruit of the Spirit- love, joy, peace etc.! Thanks for your post, you’ve inspired me to turn my comment into a post 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Robert…indeed, that’s a great point: hating those things that are hate-worthy. David’s jolting words of Psalm 139:22 come to mind. Ultimately – and this is the major problem – we’re discussing spiritual realities with people of no faith. So, to differentiate between the hatred of evil and, say, spiritual/demonic enemies, and the people themselves who haven’t received Christ, is very difficult.

      1. True, but the reason I picked paedophilia and terrorism as examples is that they are two things that are still recognised as evil in our society. I recognise how hard it is though in a society that, as Isaiah would put it, calls evil good and good evil.

  2. There are those who say we Christians don’t know persecution in the UK. These posters are the first real sign they are wrong. It’s been hidden, now it is overt. Gird your loins and make ready for the fray, the Lord of God’s armies will lead us, we must follow.

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