Why I’m not taking part in the women’s march

Brilliantly refreshing attitude here regarding the #MeToo hysteria. Thank you, Paula

Ugly Grace

On Saturday, my Twitter feed was ablaze with pink. People were tweeting and retweeting pictures from the women’s march in London and from other similar demonstrations across the western world.

I’ve been aware of the movement since it began, from the controversial hats (you know which ones I mean) to the rainbow flags demanding rights, as well as gender equality when it comes to workplace pay. A full list of what the women’s march stands for is on their website.

I think, as a woman, I can understand the feelings of injustice. At some point in our lives, most women will have been talked down to in meetings, passed over in promotion for a (less-qualified) male. Many others will have faced rape, assault and all manner of other horrors. On a human level, rage, resentment and anger are all perfectly justified.

And yet, why do I find myself unable…

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