Back in May

It was back in May 2014 that I wrote a blog article called Sirens and Buses

If you’ve read that you’ll know that I’d planned to write more about the primary model of prayer that Jesus gives us in the New Testament – lengthy, lonely, lingering prayer with the Father.

Over the next few days, I’m going to take those three ‘Ls’ and attempt to show why they’re so vitally important for a vibrant life of faith as a lover of Jesus. My hope is that looking more closely at prayer like this will catalyse love for God in a new way.

The overwhelmingly clear priority of Jesus when he walked on the planet was not to instigate a social revolution or to establish a political kingdom, or even to eradicate social injustices that, like today, help form our moral pandemics; but to please and do the will of His Father, Daddy God – His Adonai.

I think that’s the point and very essence of Lengthy, Lonely, Lingering prayer

I’d love to read your thoughts in a world that seems to lean in most of what we do towards sprint, shared, snappy prayer


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Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

4 thoughts on “Back in May

  1. Like this. Interesting to see what thoughts you get from it. I think those three words are well chosen: they’re adjectives that in some ways are polar opposite to a ‘formulaic’ means of communication with God. A formula offers ‘speed, shared, snappy’ means of one and all communicating with a ‘god’ who is the result of a logical equation of our minds. Lengthy, lonely, lingering time for me encourages communication that is personal, and honoured.

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