What do you mean by a ‘good sermon’? (1 Thess 2)

My friend, Andy, works with his family in East Africa to train and teach and preach the Bible. Here’s a refreshing blog article with concise, short and, yet, pointed advice for Biblical preaching.

Utumishi Blog

  • Clear – “declare to you…” (v2 cf. vv6-7, 11)
  • Christ-centred – “…the gospel of God” (v2 cf. vv4, 8, 9)
  • Careful – “our appeal does not spring from error… but just as we have been entrusted… so we speak” (vv3-4 cf. v13)
  • Cutting – “not to please man but to please God who tests our hearts… we never came with words of flattery” (vv4-5 cf. vv12, 13)
  • Compassionate – “Nor did we seek glory from you… but we were gentle among you like a nursing mother taking care of her own children… being affectionately desirous of you… you had become very dear to us” (vv6-8 cf. 11, 17-20)

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