Easter Paradidomi

Why Good Friday really is very, very good

I’m colour blind – i.e. I can’t always discern between shades of brown and red and green. This means very little to me except that I can’t be an RAF pilot or a bomb disposal expert. It also means that I occasionally fowl in snooker by playing a brown by mistake. And it means that I can’t always see patterns, like the boat, below:

Messy, indiscernible patterns because of colour blindness is a great example of what the cross can look like if we are spiritually blind. Perhaps the cross is simply brown to you this Easter….i.e. all you see is a religious symbol and nothing more. Or perhaps you are seeing the red of His sacrificial blood, the green of His humanity as the priestly Son of Man and the yellow of His divinity as the saving Messiah.

In either case, God wants you (us) to see more and…

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Radical Preparation for the Return of Christ

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