Some thoughts on Jeremiah

For those of you who wondered why Jeremiah was so sad – my friend Andy does a great job here of summarising True Word for Tough Times by Dale Ralph Davis

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True word for tough times

Jeremiah has got a bit of a bad reputation – of being long (52 chapters), convoluted (not in chronological order) and depressing (‘Jeremiah’ in the dictionary is ‘a dismal prophet, a denouncer of the times’). But I’m really starting to get into Jeremiah, helped by Dale Ralph Davis’ great little book (a collection of sermons) True Word for Tough Times.

Here are some thoughts, largely taken from DRD:

  1. The Word of God is the big theme. The first chapter is key in introducing the theme and particularly 3 aspects that will be carried throughout the book:
    1. The-Word-of-the-Lord as a person who interacts with Jeremiah (‘the Word of the LORD came to me saying’, ‘put out his hand and touched my mouth’);
    2. the Word in Jeremiah’s mouth intended to destroy (66% emphasis) and then bring hope (“Verse 10 is the key verse of the prophecy of Jeremiah. As you…

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